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Does your phone ring non-stop with annoying calls from telemarketers and other unsavory and unwanted drivel?

Post up the good, the bad, and the ugly (but please keep it clean) to help other phone users learn which numbers to avoid!

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Dec 12 03:01PM

paypal impersonator
Posted By: n

Nov 21 12:42PM

peeps w/bad credit
Posted By: peeps

Nov 05 02:45PM

Just another one of the ever increasing about of nuisance phone calls in the country, Get a life you scum bags.
Posted By: Tony Gaga

Nov 05 12:28PM

Robo call for life insurance no way to put on do not call list
Posted By: Pat

Nov 05 11:50AM

Didn't answer, they left no message and it lists the caller as Name Unavailable
Posted By: SueS

Nov 05 11:45AM

fuckiers call, say nothing, what retards
Posted By: bob

Nov 05 11:27AM

Receive at least 3 phones call a day from this no. Have not answered...they did not leave message.
Posted By: Kris

Nov 05 10:35AM

Has called a few times this week. left no message, I don't think it's political since they have not left a message.
Posted By: Southern Ghost

Aug 30 02:33PM

This number shows up on a spam fax my business received today. so far 2 spams in one day from them.
Posted By: Crates

Aug 27 05:51PM

I do not know who this # belongs to, however, it is always preceded by a call marked "Private Caller". Have received calls daily for a week now and as soon as the disconnect goes thru on the private caller #, it immediately rings again with 352-875-2902
Posted By: Kathy, Fruitland Park Resident

Aug 17 05:37PM

Looking for relative after card received
Posted By: Dee

Aug 17 05:36PM

Peggy Rodemeyer
Posted By: Dee

Aug 08 03:31PM

Automated call with message from "IRS" saying there is a warrant for arrest and to call back immediately to resolve. TOTAL SCAM
Posted By: Not a Victim

Jul 26 12:03PM

This woman pretends to be selling a business in Russia for 9 million dollars and pretends to be on a flight there and ask you to pick her up an apple gift card because she couldn’t locate one at the airport
Posted By: Gregory

Jul 13 02:30PM

No clue left no message
Posted By: Bill withers

Jun 28 02:47PM

Who is this?
Posted By: Frank Johnson

Jun 26 03:44PM

wanted me to sign up for back pain medication. I hung up and blocked the number
Posted By: Tim

Jun 25 05:46PM

Received a 6 digit pin on my phone for Microsoft
Posted By: GC

Jun 22 11:24AM

I don't answer if I don't know the number.
Posted By: i see more butts

Jun 18 02:04PM

So I am glad i found this website bc i am going through this now with "judy". I am selling my wedding dress for 600. She wants to buy it for her daughter in Indiana. So she sends me a checl for over 2000. The difference i am suppose to give to the shipper. The check is from TX with her "husband's" name on it but they have 2 different last names? But the address n name who sent it is different. She claims this guy is her husband's assistant but from CT? N the shipper name is a famous soccer playe
Posted By: Renee

Jun 18 12:12PM

John seemed very nice but I was willing to hear him out and I was not short or snide with him which does help since these people have to do their jobs as well. He offered, at the very least, to try to cut our office supply budget by 40%. There was no pressure to buy anything or to sign a contract. He made it clear that I was not obligated to buy from him and just asked that we try their free sample of toner.
Posted By: ........

Jun 11 12:47PM

Received a call on my cell phone. I didn't recognize the phone number so I did not answer. No message left.
Posted By: Samantha

Jun 06 02:18PM

Posted By: Italy Jonckheere

May 11 04:36PM

Called our business and was very rude to our receptionist yelling and swearing at her . He was trying to sell us toner .. Kept calling and would not stop harassing her ....
Posted By: KIM

May 10 03:26PM

Craigslist Scammer
Posted By: Bob

May 09 04:09PM

Optical transceivers
Posted By: lisa

May 09 02:58PM

Calls 10 times a day but never leaves a message.
Posted By: Katie

May 08 01:14PM

William with Joga Truck Line Inc. is who he claimed he was with me.
Posted By: Anderson

May 04 02:16PM

SCAM AND FRAUD. Pretend to be the "AUTHORITY"
Posted By: Watch out fellow!!